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Yoga Breathing

Posted by Rahat al imran Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Yoga breathing is one of the most important aspects of a successful yoga practice. It is even more important than whether you are able to technically perform a yoga pose perfectly!
As we develop a yoga practice, we are not going to necessarily do an asana perfectly. And that is fine - as long as we engage the breath consciously.
You might be wondering why such a simple and common thing like breathing can become an element which can make all the difference in a yoga session.
Well, first of all you need to acknowledge that by the process of breathing we provide our bodies with the necessary amounts of oxygen that we all require in order to thrive. Moreover, the breathing process is vital because it is an efficient way of getting rid of the by-products of metabolism our bodies generate.
While flowers need water in order to develop and to grow properly, one of the vital nutrients for the human beings is oxygen. It is important both for the nervous system, as well as our internal organs and glands. However, there is no doubt that the organ, which must by all means be irrigated, is the brain - not least because of its central function in regulating all our bodily functions.
Now, let's talk about the healthy ways of breathing in yoga. Although breathing is an activity that we do not learn how to do, we sometimes restrict or modify the way we perform this action. Thus, it has become common for people to assume weird positions for long periods of time because of the jobs they do, which diminishes the capacity of the lungs and makes breathing intervals shorter.
learn about yoga breathingAlso, if we are anxious or stressed - both common problems in today's world - we tend to breathe in a more shallow way. When we sit slumped in a chair, we are restricting our breathing. The list of examples goes on!
Both specialists, as well as yoga practitioners, agree that there is a close connection between the mental state and the manner in which a person breathes.
Thus, in order to achieve the optimal state of harmony between the body and the mind, yoga teachers sometimes organize sessions dedicated completely to teaching the proper yoga breathing techniques. This really helps facilitate the desired state of peacefulness and synchronization between the inner and outer self.

Yoga breathing does not encourage shallow and fast breathing, but tries to promote the benefits of deep breathing. Among the most important beneficial effects of this manner of breathing we can see:

  • Improvement of health and brain irrigation systems
  • Rejuvenation of the skin, which becomes considerably smoother, while facial wrinkles are gradually reduced
  • Deep breathing leads to stronger lungs and to a healthier heart
  • Relaxation of the body and mind


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