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Fitness and Exercist Tips

Posted by Rahat al imran Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Simple tips and technics to keep your body fit and healthy

How do you feel to be healthy? Nice! Must be wondering if there is that magic wand, I can become slim, fit and healthy. Nice to think but how to make this a reality? Takes time. Can't happen overnight.
You can follow certain simple and easy technics which will help you be fit and healthy. Have you decided to go for it! then read on.
- Do not make a future plan for your exercise, if you have to do it, just do it now.
- Wake up a bit early, pull your pants up and start walking out. If not like an exercise, just walk out. Go where you like, spend sometime out in the morning. You can opt to buy milk, vegetables, newspaper or whatever... just go out. Slowly increase the speed of your walk.
- Follow the Golden Rule - Breakfast like a KING, Lunch like a Prince and Dinner like a PAUPER. Keep your dinner very light, avoid cheese, butter, curd or any other fat products.
- Breathe in and breathe out deeply whenever your remember. Do simple stretching exercises.
- Last of all... Dont worry.. Be happy. Stress can cause lifestyle diseases. Be away from stress. Life is short, enjoy every moment of it.


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