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Bharadwaj asana

Posted by Rahat al imran Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Bharadwaj asana will help you remain unfazed by problems
This asana is named after one of the saptha rishis or seven primary and accomplished spiritual researchers (who had tuned into their higher mind and had control over their senses) of ancient India. The word asana comes from the root word “asi, which means one’s state of being. By assuming the posture of Bharadwaja we are emulating his qualities.
Bharadwaja was not just a master of the Vedas but also well versed in the art of war. He was found as a baby on the banks of a river and was taken care of by the demi gods and celestial beings, who noticed his radiance. He had a steely resolve to gain knowledge. He was later adopted by a king. His main interest was to spread knowledge and motivate people to lead a righteous life. So he prayed that the king beget a son. A son was born but soon after, the king died. So, he waited till the son grew up and trained him in the art of war and justice, before he went his way. This shows his dedication to his path and his resolve to proceed through life’s twists and turns yet remain unfazed. The bharadwaj asana, though a simple twisting position, is excellent to build awareness of the back muscle and the vertebral column. When done correctly, the asana gives a good twist to the lower, mid and upper back as well as opens the chest out which facilitates deep breathing. The muscles of the back bear the brunt of physical and emotional imbalances which can be released using this asana.
Sit in vajrasana (sitting on the heels). Now slip to the right side. Bring left hand to right knee. Breathe in and straighten your back stretching up. Breathe out and twist to the right side. Bring the right hand on the ground as close to the body as you can. Use the arm to straighten the back and do not lean on the hand. Keep a straight back. Let the chest be open. Breathe in deeply as you twist, all the while focusing the mind on the body. Find ease in this position. Then you will find that through focus and deep breathing, the body will automatically open up and you will be able to twist more. Do not strain too much in the beginning. Then release and turn back to the centre. Now repeat on the left side. From the vajrasana, slip to the left side, the right hand to the left knee and the left hand to the ground. Follow the principles mentioned earlier. Relax.


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