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Posted by Rahat al imran Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Vriksha means tree. Practice of this asana helps build concentration.  The tree symbolizes rootedness and, at the same time, grows to reach for the sky. The blossoms and fruits are an offering to the divine. The tree is a symbol of the cycle of life. It progresses from seed, to sapling, to flowering and fruition. The vriksha asana builds leg strength as well as balance. The weight that was borne by two legs is now borne by one. The balance that is cultivated is not just physical but also emotional. Despite life’s situations that can shake us up and destabilize us, we can cultivate a balanced outlook. This inner focus and stability can be cultivated by this asana.
The tree of knowledge will give us its fruit if we imbibe its qualities. This asana helps us to take the stance of the tree of knowledge and the tree of life. Steadfast focus on the goal will draw the goal to us. We become receptacles for the gifts of life. The vriksha asana brings a straightness and focus to the body and to the mind. This awareness and mind management system is one of the principles of yoga. That is why one has to understand the beautiful science holistically. Its beauty lies in the fact that an asana when done with awareness can create so many shifts in consciousness. The body language becomes a lot more balanced and one can see the results of this in a focused mind. The kalpa vriksha was a wish fulfilling tree that existed more than 10,000 years ago. This tree is supposed to come into existence whenever someone asks for something with devotion and unswerving focus. This focus can be developed by standing in the vriksha asana. The kalpa vrishka is inherent is each one of us and can be accessed by pulling out the weeds of distraction that grow around us. This does not mean one becomes dogmatic or fanatic but achieves a relaxed focus and balance that ensures we realize our wants.
The technique
Stand in samasthithi asana, which is in a balanced way on both feet. Now bring your left leg up and place it across your right thigh. Bring your hands into an anjali mudra above your head. Straighten and stretch up. Focus on a point in front of you. Stay in this position for as long as you can manage. Now release the foot and shake out your feet. Now bring the right foot across the left thigh and stay in the position. Release and then shake out your feet.
There is another leg position you can adopt. Bring the left leg on the inside of the right thigh and vice versa.  If you’re unable to balance use a wall for support and you will find that with practice and time you will become better.


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