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Samasthithi Asana - A balanced life

Posted by Rahat al imran Tuesday, December 28, 2010

This section provides you with benefits of samasthithi asana.
The samasthithi asana is the standing position and much more. The Sanskrit word ”samasthithi” tells us how to stand. By observing our standing position, we can see our stance towards the world. This stance is an indicator of our sub-conscious leanings. By consciously being aware of it, we have the choice to change our stance. The samasthithi asana helps you cultivate a balanced stance towards the world. From this samasthithi all other standing postures or asana are practiced.
In chapter 12,ver 13 & 14 of the Gita, the sthithapragnya is  described as one who is friendly and compassionate to all, who is without attachment and ego, who maintains equipoise in adverse and favourable circumstances, who is always content and steadfast in meditation, has firm conviction, with his mind and intellect dwelling on the universal consciousness. Such a person is dear to the highest principle.
It requires lifelong endeavor to cultivate this sense of equanimity. Staying balanced will change even the worst circumstances into a blessing. This is a way of working out or dissolving old thought patterns or habits.
We simply become a dispassionate observer yet do what needs to be done. Also when you stand, be aware of standing with poise. Keep the back straight, shoulders pushed back. Check to see that the neck is not leaning forward. There should be a nice straightness in the spine and ease in holding oneself upright. This upright, balanced stance is what the samasthithi asana signifies.
Stand in the samasthithi asana. Keep your eyes closed and be aware of how the weight is distributed on the feet. See if there is more weight on the left foot or on the right. See if you are putting more weight to the front or the back. This will give you an idea of your habitual patterns of how you distribute weight. This ideal way to stand is to have weight equally distributed and slightly towards the front. Those who stand for long hours can practice a few jath is that shift the weight from one foot to another to release stress.
If you look at the soles of your footwear, you will be able to see which areas are worn out and thereby which areas you put more weight on. If the back portion is worn out then you are an unlikely candidate for a marketing job as you are holding back! Consciously distribute your weight forward and you will see your life move ahead. Given below is a technique to rebalance weight distribution.
Now keeping the eyes closed, gently shift your weight to the front. Come back to the centre. Then shift the weight to the back. Come back to the centre. Then move the weight to the right. Come back to the centre.
Then move the weight to the left. Come back to the centre. Kick your feet loosely to give some relief. Repeat thrice. Now from the standing position, move in clockwise direction thrice and then in anticlockwise direction, distributing the weight on different parts  as you go along with eyes closed. Once you are done, you will see a difference in the way weight is distributed on your feet.


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